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Syma X5C Drone With HD Camera

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Ever wanted to fly your own drone in your free time but didn’t want to pay top dollar for it? This cheap yet very capable Syma X5C Drone will allow you to do the thing you wanted most as a kid – flying! Its got built in HD camera, which isn’t that great, but when you consider that this can be yours for under 50 dollars, you start to see bigger picture. It wasn’t built to delight users, but idea that you can have fully working personal drone to play with, that is also very simple and easy to use is amazing. Quality is more then you would expect for this price tag, device itself does feel premium.

Only downside of this Drone is poor flying time – 7 minutes. We hope Syma Toys provide us with battery upgrade in next generation of Quadcopters! Highly elastic plastic protective circles protect blades from collisions expanding it life-span by great margin. It even have Colorful flashing LED lights which will make your drone visible even in night time. You can charge it via USB, and for full charge it can take up to 100 minutes.

Remote Controller uses Spread Spectrum Technology which makes this controller up to x100 times faster then rest of Radio controllers. Moving Syma X5C Drone in air is simple and that is secret of its popularity. Great for beginners, at the cheap price, this is truly opportunity you don’t won’t to miss!

Learning how to control Drone with Syma X5C is easy,controls are effective and they work great even on greater distance from Drone itself. Very hard to break,reliable… Great as gift to kids or even to your colleagues.

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Syma X5C Drone With HD Camera

Get your personal drone with HD camera for cheap price.


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9 Total Score
Syma X5C Drone With HD Camera

Syma X5C Drone With HD Camera is cheap yet very attractive solution for anyone that wants reliable device without paying fortune for it. Amazing value and incredibly fun to maneuver!

  • Wind Resistant
  • Great for Beginners
  • Decent Looking Camera
  • Good Quality Build
  • Insufficient Fly Time
User Rating: 4.9 (1 votes)
Best value


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