Set of Shatterproof Silicone Beer Glasses

Had you ever organized a party at your place? Then you know how annoying is to clean all that broken glass and trash. Solution for your problems come from Jokel Products, company which is responsible for Shatterproof Silicone Beer Glasses. Great for many occasions and different kind of events, allow yourself and your friends to enjoy in they favorite beverage without worrying they will break your glasses. However, if you want something with more style check out this awesome mug!

Unbreakable Pint Glasses are made from silicone and specially designed to outstand any smashing or bending. You can easily store them in your pocket or backpack, withour worrying they might brake or curve. These glasses are very easy to clean while also being washable in dishwasher and 100% safe for your health.

Size of cups is 16oz which is plenty for everyday use. Only downside is there is only 2 of them in a set, but since they are made from high quality material, price is reasonable.

Bought more then just a few of them so far to use when I host party or family gathering and I am very happy with them. They really are unbreakable and kids seems to love them. 

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Set of Shatterproof Silicone Beer Glasses

Don't worry about breaking your glass ever again because these are really unbreakable.

$18.98 $29.99

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9.1 Total Score
Set of Shatterproof Silicone Beer Glasses

This set of Unbreakable Pint Glasses will provide you with ability to safely enjoy in your drink. Great for parties!

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Unbreakable
  • Only 2 glasses per set
User Rating: 4.9 (1 votes)

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