Have a Nice Day and F*ck You Coffee Mug

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If you are one of those people that likes peace and quiet during their morning coffee this is perfect mug for you. Image is printed on the mug itself, build quality is outstanding, size of cup is 10 oz – perfect size for your favorite drinks. Not much else to say but that this mug is great idea when you want to cheer someone up with sarcasm. For more style check out Joseph Joseph from Kitchen & Dining Category.

On the front of the mug there is writing saying “Have a Nice Day” which seems very sweet, until you start to drink, allowing your friends to see middle finger! Great idea, perfect as a gift to someone with a little more sense of humor.

Build quality is relatively well done, material used to make product is outstanding, we can’t resist but to give it green light on our website!

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Have a Nice Day and F*ck You Coffee Mug

Enjoy in your morning coffee with this unique coffee Mug


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9.6 Total Score
Have a Nice Day and F*ck You Coffee Mug

Perfect mug when you want to express your morning mood.

  • Quality build
  • Great design
  • Image is printed on the mug itself
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