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Classic Ouija Board Game

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This product is one of the well known Ouija boards with a classical design made of sturdy pressed wood and featuring original graphics on the board. If you are into creepy stuff or you know someone who is, this board makes a great present that can be lots of fun.

Of course, the opinions on this toy are divided, some people will say it’s dangerous and that you should not play with it, some people will say it is fun to talk to spirits, and some will say it is nothing but a game and that it doesn’t really work.

The board is marked with all the letters of the alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9 and the words “goodbye”, “yes”, and “no” with the addition of some graphics and symbols. The second part of this kit is the plastic message indicator – planchette. It’s the heart shaped plastic part that moves over the board and spells the message from the spirits.

It works this way: the participants should place their fingers on the planchette and it should move to spell out the answers to your questions. Some of the people believe that the Ouija board is a tool for channeling – communicating with the other side, although it was referred to as a “harmless parlor game” unrelated to the occult by the Elijah Bond, the man who actually first introduce this board game.

Most of the mainstream religions and even some of the occultists believe that the use of this board game can lead to demonic possessions and them advise their followers not to use it.

While the believers believe that the movement is caused by the supernatural or paranormal activities, the scientists have explained that it’s the participants who are moving the planchette. This is happening unconsciously and the effect is called the ideomotor effect.

Some forms of the “talking boards” can be traced back to 1100 AD in China and the similar boards existed in ancient Greece, Rome, India, and medieval Europe, but the board that we know of today was introduced in 1890 by Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard.

Although the game is criticized by both scientists and religious leaders, the Ouija board is still one of the most popular board games today

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Classic Ouija Board Game

Get connected with the spirit world with well known Ouija board

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Classic Ouija Board Game

Sturdy and well made Ouija board with classical design and sturdy wooden construction with original graphic

  • Made of sturdy pressed wood
  • Smooth surface
  • Original graphic
  • Fun game to play and scare friends
  • The planchette is made of cheap plastic
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