Celluon Full-Size Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard

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With Celluon Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard users have ability to enjoy benefits of using their at-home keyboard, all packed in small portable device that you can carry with yourself wherever you go. Great for people who travel a lot or users who are outside of house most of the time and don’t wish to carry their bulky normal keyword with them all the time.

Adjustable brightness, sound feedback and sensitivity will provide you with amazing user experience. Its compatible with almost all latest devices and while it usually connects with Bluetooth, cable connecting is also option. Keep in mind that you will need flat surface in order for this virtual keyboard to work without any problems. Your computer deserve best gadgets you can afford!

Only downside of this device is that it battery only provide 2 hours of full typing time, which is not enough for most users, but it can easily be recharged providing you with unlimited typing experience.

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Celluon Full-Size Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard

Have luxury to type regularly using celluon ultra portable virtual keyboard.


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9.1 Total Score
Celluon Full-Size Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard

Ultra Portable, Compatible with any device, Full-Size Celluon Keyboard will save you space while allowing for best typing experience.

  • Ultra Portable
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Feedback sound
  • Insufficient battery
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