Bulletproof Glass with Real Bullet

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Suprise your best friend and buy them this Bulletproof Glass with Real Bullet as a gift. Its awesome looking and if you have friend that likes drinking or hunting this might as well be perfect gift for them. Unique design blended with awesome idea turned normal looking glass in the badass glass you are seeing now!

Every glass is hand-made from high quality glass, containing real 0.308 caliber bullet that is embedded in it during production stage in Wisconsin factory. We don’t know what else to say about this except that anybody who likes alcohol or anything that has to do with bullets and guns will be amazed with this Bulletproof Glass with Real Bullet!

Got this glass to my kid as a gift for his birthday, he manages gun store. All of his friends loved idea and some of them bought one for themself. Perfect present for somebody that has at least some interest in this kind of things. 

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Bulletproof Glass with Real Bullet

Not really Bulletproof but it does have Real Bullet. Great to give to somebody as a gift.


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BenShot Original Shot Glass with Real Bullet

What looks more Badass then this Bulletproof Shot Glass with Real Bullet? Not really bulletproof tho!

  • Unique
  • High-quality
  • Awesome as a gift
  • To much badass looking for some people
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