BLOCKIT RFID Luxury Credit Cards Protectors

Identity thefts and credit card frauds became very common today, with the development of the technology. All of the credit and debit cards, as well as passports and ID cards, are now issued RFID chips that are embedded with all of your personal and financial information and all of that information can be stolen within a few seconds with 50 dollars scanner.

They call it “digital pickpocketing” or “skimming”. These attractive card sleeves are made to protect your valuable information from thieves. Don’t be another victim of digital pickpocketing; protect yourself with this nifty little product.

These blocking sleeves are made with two protective layers. The inner aluminum layer is there to block 13.56 MHz wireless signals, and the copper layer blocks 125 kHz signals, both of which are used by RFID readers.

These two layers are protected with an outside layer that features nice and stylish design. The cards fit snugly into the sleeves and all together fits nicely into the most of the wallets.

The sleeves also protect the magnetic strip on your card from demagnetization that can be caused by mobile phones.

The package features six of these nice card sleeves which is more than enough for all of your cards and documents. You will instantly feel safe and secure during your travels with all of your cards in these sleeves.

The company is so proud of their product and they are so confident that you will love it, so they offer a lifetime warranty and they guarantee 100% money back if you are not satisfied.

The sleeves are very well made and very durable so you won’t have to buy a new pack every once in a while. This package will serve you for a decent amount of time. Just be careful when putting your cards inside because the cards might get caught on the folded part on the inside. This not so much of an issue; you only have to angle your cards properly.

Overall, this product looks great and it will keep all of your valuable information safe and secured. If you are not a fan of flowers, the sleeves are also available with different designs.

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Luxury Credit Cards Protectors

Keep all of your valuable information safe inside of your wallet

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BLOCKIT RFID Luxury Credit Cards Protectors

A perfect way to protect all of your private and financial information from digital pickpocketing.

  • Blocks RFID scanners
  • Most of the cards will fit snugly
  • Fits nicely inside of your wallet
  • Nice design on the outside
  • Very durable
  • Cards might get caught on the folded part on the inside
User Rating: 4.9 (1 votes)

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