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2017 Bubble Wrap® Calendar

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Milions of people like popping bubbles for some weird reason but the fact is – its pleasant experience. Great item to teach your kids some self-control. Ask them and see are strong enough to only pop one bubble at the time and resist satisfaction from doing it all at once. It can also be used in schools as reward system, where best student will pop one bubble at the end of the day. Person who pops them most over the year should be declared as best student all around. They are also great for office and your workers!

There are so many ways where you can use this calendar, but most people decide to keep it in their house because they are so interesting to own and many guests will be thrilled when they see what you poppin… Poppin? Get it? It’s a joke….

Anyway, New 2017 calendar comes with 365 bubbles to pop out, one of each day. There are also some extra if you have urge to pop some more but you don’t want to ruin you calendar. Do you think you can resist the urge to pop them all at once? Order this calendar today to find out, but be careful, its much harder that it may seems to be.

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2017 Bubble Wrap® Calendar

New bubble wrap calendar for the year 2017


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2017 Bubble Wrap® Calendar

New year is on the way and its time to get these unique & interesting calendars while they are still available.

  • Ultimate satisfaction
  • Marked special dates
  • Easy to read
  • Bonus bubbles
  • Once you pop, you can't stop!
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