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Want to know the best part? Only the coolest stuff and most eye catching items will be published, and we try our best to keep the price below 20$, but we do include more premium items as well, if we think they are worth the price.


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If that is the case, here is a tip: Avoid generic items.


Sure, you can play safe, get them something ordinary or you can search Gift category to search for a awesome gifts. You might really enjoy ideas there and who knows? Maybe you suprise yourself with a gift as well.


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More then often it’s the opposite, since we have best deals, we are able to give you discounts most of the time. Recap: You will be able to own coolest gadgets for cheap!


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Best seller -13% 6 Classic Ouija Board Game

Classic Ouija Board Game

This product is one of the well known Ouija boards with a classical design made of sturdy pressed wood and featuring original graphics on the board. If you are into creepy stuff or you know someone who is, this board makes a great present that can be lots of fun. Of course, the opinions on this toy are divided, some ...

Editor choice 11 Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Knife

  When it comes to pocket knives, Swiss Army Knives are the best you can find. This particular model features 15 different functions in a compact package with textured EcoLine scales. This versatile pocket knife is a must-have companion for anyone who likes spending time outside, whether it’s on the ...

Editor choice -37% 14 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Water is the most important thing for a human survival. What happens when the water is contaminated? Have no worries, the LifeStraw is a life saver. This award-winning gadget removes almost all of the waterborne bacteria and protozoa. It has been used by millions of people from all over the world. And millions of ...

Best price -23% 12 Dancing Water LED Fountains Speakers

Dancing Water LED Fountains Speakers

Dancing Water Speakers are perfect for people who are looking for cheap high quality speakers. Control water dance beats with increasing or decreasing volume of your favorite songs. These water speakers are new 2016 edition, with better perfomance as well as improved sound quality. Unique design, LED lights and 4 ...

Editor choice 14 2020 Bubble Wrap® Calendar

2020 Bubble Wrap® Calendar

Milions of people like popping bubbles for some weird reason but the fact is - its pleasant experience. Great item to teach your kids some self-control. Ask them and see are strong enough to only pop one bubble at the time and resist satisfaction from doing it all at once. It can also be used in schools as reward ...

-11% 12 MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition

MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition

One of the most popular games for kids, as well as for adults, now comes with a complete redesign into one of the most popular trends of today - Pokemons. Old monopoly is a lot of fun, but its became to basic. Well, that is about to change with this new MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition that will bring fresh and ...

Editor choice 15 Bulletproof Glass with Real Bullet

Bulletproof Glass with Real Bullet

  Suprise your best friend and buy them this Bulletproof Glass with Real Bullet as a gift. Its awesome looking and if you have friend that likes drinking or hunting this might as well be perfect gift for them. Unique design blended with awesome idea turned normal looking glass in the badass glass you are ...

Best price 6 Joseph Joseph Double Dish

Joseph Joseph Double Dish

Experience new ways of eating your favorites snacks with this great innovation. People who like eating shelled nuts, olives and endamame beans knows how annoying can be when you have to use two bowls, one for snacks and other for empty shells. Joseph Joseph Double Dish fixes that problem with its super unique ...

24 GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger

GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger

GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger will allow you to charge your phone anywhere you go! Solar Charger comes with  all accessories you will ever need to successfully charge your phone in any environment. It comes with 4-in-1 charging cable that includes a mini, micro, 8 pin, and 30 pin connector which means you can ...

Best value 10 Syma X5C Drone With HD Camera

Syma X5C Drone With HD Camera

Ever wanted to fly your own drone in your free time but didn't want to pay top dollar for it? This cheap yet very capable Syma X5C Drone will allow you to do the thing you wanted most as a kid - flying! Its got built in HD camera, which isn't that great, but when you consider that this can be yours for under 50 ...

Editor choice 8 Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation is first orginal thermostat that learns on its own. After few days of usage it will learn to set up temperature in your rooms accordinally to your needs and schedule. Simple yet futuristic design means that Nest Thermostat will blend in with any environment. Your friends will ...

Best price 14 SUPERNIGHT Waterproof RGB LED Lights Strip

SUPERNIGHT Waterproof RGB LED Lights Strip

Awesome for a gift or a personal use SUPERNIGHT Waterproof RGB LED Lights Strip will color your nights and decorate your environment. Perfect for holidays to suprise your loved ones, these Waterproof RGB LED lights shine deep in the night sky. No matter where you put it, outside of house, in your room, these lights ...

Editor choice 10 Have a Nice Day and F*ck You Coffee Mug

Have a Nice Day and F*ck You Coffee Mug

  If you are one of those people that likes peace and quiet during their morning coffee this is perfect mug for you. Image is printed on the mug itself, build quality is outstanding, size of cup is 10 oz - perfect size for your favorite drinks. Not much else to say but that this mug is great idea when you want ...